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Black Cast Iron Regency Serpent Door Knocker

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This elegant Regency style door knocker depicts the ancient symbol of a serpent eating its own tail which dates back to ancient Egypt and the tomb of Tutankhamen. The serpent is the rapper which forms a circle attached to the back disc with a hinge under the serpent heads, the serpent, strikes the back disc at the base.

The Serpent, or Ouroboros door knocker is made from cast iron in the same way it was when it was made in the Kenrick foundry in the Victorian era. It is finished with metal paint to make it suitable for outdoor use.

Sizes: 143mm (5" 5/8) diameter, projecting 47mm (1" 7/8), distance between fixings 124mm. The fixings are 2 threaded bolts that go through the door and are held in place with 2 dome headed nuts. Boxed weight 1.5kg

28.00 (Inc. VAT)