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Polished Bronze Universal 4" and 6" Bolt

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A multi purpose bolt which can be used on windows or doors and in other applications due to a variety of keeps supplied with the product. All bolts are sold with 3 keeps and matching fixing screws.

Cast in solid bronze and hand polished to a high sheen

4": Fixing Plate: 100mm x 25mm x3mm. Receiver Plate: 37mm x 15mm x 2mm. Receiver Bridge: 37mm x 10mm x 3mm (Height: 12mm).
Angled Keep: 37mm x 15mm x 2mm (Depth: 10mm)
6": Fixing Plate: 150mm x 40mm x 4mm. Receiver Plate: 40mm x 15mm x 2mm. Receiver Bridge: 43mm x 10mm x 4mm (Height:16mm). Angled Keep: 40mm x 15mm x 2mm (Depth:10mm)

Choose 4" or 6"

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