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Traditional Rose Head Nails

£15.50£36.28 inc VAT
These traditional Lion Brand rose head nails are available in three sizes. Sizes from left to right: 25mm long, approximate

Cast Iron Flat Round Cupboard Knobs

£4.66£5.05 inc VAT
5 sizes of cast iron round cupboard knobs with a flat top. Perfect for a kitchen renovation or to replace

Ebonised Beehive Cupboard Knob

£17.42£19.47 inc VAT
These pretty ebonised cupboard or drawer knobs have a typical Regency style beehive pattern. The detachable back plate is made

Solid Brass Cupboard Knob

£4.50£6.60 inc VAT
These stylish solid brass mushroom shaped cupboard knobs from Castelion® are available in 4 sizes These contemporary knobs look equally