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3 Aged Terracotta Pots In Wire Basket

£19.99 inc VAT
Trio of handmade Aged Terracotta pots in wire basket. Each pot holds up to 0.3 litres of compost. Not frost

3 Zinc Pots On A Tray

£14.99 inc VAT
Set of three small Old zinc flower pots on tray, perfect for growing plants indoors or in a shelterd area.

Black Bee Decorative Bowl

£9.10 inc VAT
Height: 7.5 cm Diameter: 16 cm

Black Bee Pot

£8.85 inc VAT
Height: 12.7 cm Diameter: 14 cm

Bunnies with a bowl planter

£49.20 inc VAT
Bunnies with a bowl planter. LENGTH 16cm WIDTH 38cm HEIGHT 18.5cm WEIGHT 1.45kg

Decorative Coloured Pots

£5.95 inc VAT
Spring decorated pots. Height: 12 cm Diameter: 13 cm

Decorative Plant Pot

£7.50 inc VAT
Decorative terracotta pot to brighten any area of the home. Height: 14 cm Diameter: 13.8 cm

Lavender Griebling Ceramic Carve Pot (15cm)

£7.15 inc VAT
Diameter: 15 cm

Rose Griebling Ceramic Carve Pot (15cm)

£7.15 inc VAT
Diameter: 15 cm

Round Aged Terracotta Pot

£7.60 inc VAT
Round aged terracotta flowerpot with drainage hole. Dimensions 15.5 x 15.5 x 12.8cm

Set of 3 Ceramic Flowerpots

£49.85 inc VAT
Set of 3 ceramic square flowerpots featuring the aged ceramic print. Small – 10.3×10.3×10.7cm, 0.5 litre Medium – 14.3×14.3×14.3cm, 1.7

Small Terracotta Style Vase (20cm)

£16.95 inc VAT
Height: 20.5 cm Diameter: 10 cm

Terracotta Cement Bowl (19cm)

£8.85 inc VAT
Height: 8 cm Diameter: 19 cm

White Griebling Ceramic Carve Pot (13cm)

£6.50 inc VAT
Diameter: 13 cm