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Hedgehog Boot Brush

£23.50 inc VAT
Hedgehog Boot Brush This decorative cast iron hedgehog boot scraper is ideal for cleaning footwear, thanks to the coir fibres

Hiking brush

£7.00 inc VAT
hiking shoe brush Small travel size brush for cleaning dirt from shoes. oiled beechwood tampicofibre/bristle Size: 10 cm

Iron Boots Boot Scraper

£35.00 inc VAT
A cast iron bootscraper. Please note that this item is flat packed and boxed and will require a small amount

Iron Dashound Boot Scraper

£34.95 inc VAT
A cast iron dachshund bootscraper.   Height 32cm Weight 2.3kg

Long shoe horn

£7.15 inc VAT
Long shoe horn with leather strap Materials: oiled beechwood Size: 26.5 cm

Long Shoe horn with leather ribbon 64cm

£13.95 inc VAT
A long shoe horn, straight form with leather strap.  Save the effort of bending with this handy long shoe horn

owl boot brush

£34.90 inc VAT
Owl Bootbrush This nocturnal bird with remarkable eyes was a symbol of wisdom in Ancient Greece. This decorative cast iron

Shoe Shine Brush 12cm Light

£7.99 inc VAT
Untreated beechwood shoe shine brush with light horse hare bristle Size: 12 cm overall with 2 cm long bristles.

Shoe sole brush

£15.85 inc VAT
Shoe sole brush for hiking, soccer and jogging shoes Coarse dirt can simply be brushed from shoes using the side

Small Shoe Horn

£5.00 inc VAT
Small shoe horn with leather strap Materials: Oiled beechwood Size: 11.5 cm